Resident Return Visa

Why is applying for Resident Return visa a good option?

Individuals with Australian citizenship are the only individuals who have the right to enter Australia. Non-citizens who travel outside of Australia must re-enter the country with a visa. Individuals who have a permanent resident visa are allowed to travel in and out of Australia voluntarily up till five years from the granted visa date. After the expiration of visa, permanent residents must submit an application for the Five Year Resident Return visa in order to be permitted inside Australia again. 

The criteria that must be met to apply for this visa are you must have lived a total of two years out of five years in Australia and be:

  1. An Australian permanent resident, or
  2. A former Australian permanent resident, who haven’t had their visa cancelled, or
  3. A former Australia citizen who lost or changed their citizenship.

What is the validity period for this visa? 

If you have met the requirements above or own connections to Australia, the visa is valid for five years. If you are unable to do so, you may apply for the Resident Return visa that is valid for three months (Subclass 157).

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What should I do when my passport expires?

Once your passport expires, you have the choice to either:

  1. Pay for additional fees in order to have the visa re-issued and stamped in the new passport, or
  2. Travel with both passports.

What is the applying process?

You can appeal for this visa onshore or offshore Australia. You may also apply online or fill in Form 1085 and send it through postal mail.

To successfully apply, you must provide the following supporting documents:

  • Authorized copies of your passport, and
  • Documentation of your current or former permanent resident visa, or
  • Confirmation of your connections with Australia.

What is the processing duration for the visa?

The processing time for the visa varies from :

  • 1 business day: If you are a permanent resident and apply from inside Australia. 
  • 2 weeks: If you are a permanent resident and you apply from outside Australia.
  • 6 – 9 months: If you are a former permanent resident and apply from inside Australia.
  • 9 – 12 months: If you are a former permanent resident and apply from outside Australia.
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